A structure built with Active-Zero Energy Panels (AZEP) does not appear any different than most other types of construction when completed. AZEP panels can be used to construct practically all designs of residential, commercial, and industrial projects.


Active-Zero Energy Panels has passed hundreds of very stringent testing to obtain ICBO and ICC certifications (ICC Report #2406). These tests produce span charts, show our panels not only perform as claimed, but has a safety factor of 3, will support 3 times the design load as listed in the span charts.


The exterior finish of the cement board is available in several choices, i.e. wood grain and stucco.  These finishes eliminate the need to add other exterior cladding.  AZEP’s standard finish is ready to receive brick, stone cladding if desired.  The interior is finished and like sheet rock, only needs to be taped and painted.

Cement board used in the interior of AZEP has passed fire code testing and negates the need to add sheet rock for fire protection.

Construction cost is lowered exponentially with the use of cement board as exterior and interior skins because it eliminates several steps during building envelope construction.  AZEPs reduce labor and drastically reduce time of construction.


The warranty on the Cement Board is 25 and 50 years depending on the manufacturer.


Active-Zero Energy Panels is not limited to cement board panels, but can be orders in Oriented Strand Board (OSB) or Plywood panel skins. However, the introduction of wood construction expose associated issues moisture absorption, mold, rot, fire, termites, and other insects.  Cement board eliminates all of these issues.


Per request, a trace of borax can be added into the expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) used as the core of our panels. Borax is harmless and repels termites and other types of insects.


Active-Zero Energy Panels exceeds moisture and indoor air quality guidelines.  Moisture is the number one cause of mold, that usually appears on the paper of sheetrock. AZEP manufactured with water resistant primers, prevents moisture absorption, and it’s perm rate as a vapor barrier is superior to visqueen.


AZEP passed fire testing will withstand burn times required by code.


AZEP foam core does not off-gas and contain volatile compounds.  Adhesive used to manufacture AZEPs are shipped in a fiber drum, passes an 100 year aging and 80 year freeze-thaw testing without any signs of chemical dissolve.

AZEP Reduce Mechancial Equipment 70-80%:

AZEP insulating R-values does not decrease over periods of time, as does most other insulation products.   AZEP eliminate thermal bridging in its buildings.  HVAC system sizing can be precise because cooling and heating loads can be accurately engineered. AZEP reduces mechanical equipment sizing by 70 to 80%.


A building built new or Deep Energy Retrofitted with AZEP and premiere Zero-Energy components can expect a decrease in cost usually associated with conventional construction.