Time Saving One Step Building Process

AZEI eliminates as many steps as possible so our customers save time and money. When you
build with AZEI Building Panels, in one single step you erect your interior, exterior, all cuts, plus your insulation in one step.

The AZEI Building System is:

  1. Structural and Pre-Engineered
  2. Insulated – Exceeds energy codes, gives customer a choice of R Factor
  3. Exterior Finish in Place – Customer choice is: Siding LP-11, T1-11; Oriented Strand Board; Acrylic Stucco, Fiber Cement Masonry Sheet; Brick, Block, Marble and Stone can be applied.
  4. Interior Finish: Ready for Paneling, Sheet Rock, Texture or Acrylic Stucco.
  5. Pre-Cuts: All Corner, Doors, Windows, Roof and Gable Cuts.
  6. Coatings in place: Coatings on Roofs, Freezers requiring USDA, Floating Docks, Decks and Commercial Floors.


  1. Customer can be assured that the AZEI Building System is STRUCTURAL and has been PRE-ENGINEERED and has passed extensive testing and approved by the International
    Code Council (I.C.C.).
  2. AZEI installs the insulation during manufacturing, thus eliminating applying it on-site.
  3. AZEI installs the exterior finish, thus eliminating on-site installation.
  4. INTERIOR FINISH of solid wood is ready for customers’ desired application.
  5. COATINGS APPLIED during manufacturing
  6. PRE-CUTS are made during manufacturing process eliminating