Cutting Edge AZEI Buildings and Homes

AZEI utilizes cutting edge integration of sustainable designs with renewIf you’ve ever bought coffee in a Styrofoam cup, then you know 1/16th of an inch of Styrofoam does a great job keeping the coffee hot without burning your hands. Thus, it is easy to surmise that when we sandwich 4 to 18 inch thick Styrofoam between two sheets of cement board and utilized it as the exterior wall of our buildings, outside ambient temperatures cannot transfer through convection into the interior space. Our AZEI panels is thermal mass that absorbs the Sun’s heat during daylight hours, and can be radiated to the inside space at night.

AZEI home’s heating and cooling loads are up to 80% less than traditional homes and require far less mechanical and comfort cooling equipment by code. AZEI walls can be built in any thickness to create any R-value and efficiency rating desired. AZEI homes can be built so efficient that a room can be heated by a candle, and a window air-conditioner can turn your home into a walk-in freezer.

AZEI homes are equip with such options as renewable energy components such as geothermal cooling with radiant floor heating, solar hot water, photovoltaic panels to produce electricity with modern LED lighting and energy-star appliances.